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2x 20L Liquid Rubber Roof Sealants
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2x 20L Liquid Rubber Roof Sealants



52CC Red Petrol Chainsaw (Model: CS52PA)


52CC Red Chainsaw



Hit the Nail on the Head

There are still people out there who believe that the word ‘hardware’ refers to bits and bobs related to computers, and that’s fair enough. We gave regular offers on that stuff, too, but the hardware we’re talking about here is related to the kind of building materials you’d find in an online hardware store. That’s right, we’re talking big deals on things like tools, fittings, paint, homeware, industrial cleaning products and more!

We ain’t screwing around!

Mind the pun! Every homeowner - or tenant, for that matter - should not only know their way around the kitchen, but also a toolbox, lest something needs fixing. At OneDayOnly, we run big deals online on building materials and electrical supplies fit for everyone from beginner to advanced. Check out our regular sales on tool accessories and boxes complete with everything a budding DIY-er could want, including hammers, nails, spanners, wrenches and pliers, not to mention screws, screwdrivers - not the cocktail- and everything else in between.

Don’t Brush it Off!

Come rain or shine, every home needs a lick of love and lacquer from time to time. We have deals and sales on building materials like paint, paintbrushes, varnish, rubber roof sealant and more. Sure, it’s great when someone else can come over and do all the handiwork for you, but there’s something to be said about getting down and dirty and doing it yourself. So dress to impress with deals on overalls, ladders and hardhats to really look the part of a handyman or handywoman. Go on, make those neighbours jelly!

You’ve got the Power!

It’s all good and well to know how to hammer a nail into the wall, or flex your skills by tightening a bolt under a table, but power tools are the real name of the game when it comes to DIY, and we have plenty of online deals on hardware like this. Check in every day to view what deals could be on offer, with favourites including power drills, sanders and saws.

Keep it Covered!

It’s all good and well to feel like a ‘main konyn’ with all your handiwork and power tools, but there’s still something to be said about looking the part - and getting some much needed protection. Along with online deals on hardware, OneDayOnly often runs sales on protective gear like hardhats and welding masks, as well as protective eyewear to protect those beautiful eyes from wood chips, sparks or whatever else may be flying around the room in the midst of your renovations. Cover up and power on!