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Today's Deals
Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Monday Uncorked

6x Sauvignon Blanc 2023
R64.83 Each

Alvi's Drift

6x Sauvignon Blanc 2023




6x Sauvignon Blanc 2022


6x Pinotage 2021


6x Sauvignon Blanc 2023


6x Syrah Mourvèdre Grenache 2021


6x Petit Rosé Cap Classique

De Krans

6x Moscato Perlé 2023

Bon Courage

6x Chenin Blanc 2023

Haute Cabrière

6x Pinot Noir Unwooded 2023

Strandveld Vineyards

6x Sauvignon Blanc 2023


Goats Do Roam Option

Pierre Jourdan

6x Tranquille 2023


6x Malbec Merlot 2021

Strandveld Vineyards

6x First Sighting Rosé 2022


6x The River Collection Chenin Blanc 2023


6x Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2021

Haute Cabrière

6x Unwooded Chardonnay 2023


6x Mountain Red 2020


6x Cinsault Rosé 2023

Nutrafy 350g Premium Beauty Collagen
Best Seller
More Options

The Harvest Table

350g Nutrafy Beauty Collagen



Gifts For Him



6x 125g Wine Gums


7x 160g Chewy Coated Candies


6x 125g Enerjelly Gums


10x 100g Jelly Tots


6x 125g Sparkles Sweets

Tic Tac

3x 29g Sprite Flavoured Mints


6x 67g Chewing Gum Bottles


4x 64g Chewing Gum Bottles


6x 38g Pour Over Sauces


6x 10's Fizz Pop's


6x 125g Jelly Jerseys


6x Liquorice Allsorts

Stack those Cellars

Being 2023, it only makes sense that the world of online shopping has advanced to the point where you can find so much more than just electronics, books and video games. At OneDayOnly, we run regular online deals on food products and beverages from wine and beer to milk and non-alcoholic beverages to ensure that your pantries and grocery cabinets remain chockablock all year round, without you having to leave home! If you don’t see something you’re after on our main page, definitely check the Everyday Essentials tab, because chances are it will be there.

Something Sweet

Sure, say what you will about candy, but don’t even try and pretend you don’t enjoy satisfying your sweet tooth, even if only now and again. From chocolates and chewables to nostalgic treats that change flavour as you chew them, we run big bulk deals on all the sweets you could want to keep the candy jar on your desk full. Or the sweets box in the cupboard you only use to bribe the kids with, we’re not here to judge. Willy Wonka himself would be proud!

Power up your A-game!

Need to beat the midday slump? Looking for something to put a bit of extra pep in your step at the gym? Look no further than our regular deals online on energy drinks and electrolytes, and even just good old bottled water if that’s more your flavour - or lack thereof. Still, sparkling, you name it! Why rush around to stock up for your next braai or road trip when you can have everything you need on hand already? It just makes sense. Check back daily for big deals on beverages of all sorts and flavours.

Start your day Right!

As we get older, we normalise rushing to gym or work in the morning - or at least, gym then work - with little more than an espresso to get us going. However, there is a reason that breakfast is still considered the most important meal of the day. Er, mostly because it is. Thankfully, we run big deals online on cereal and plenty of other breakfast groceries like oats, granola bars, juice mixes and more. For those looking to add some extra substance to their morning meal, we run big deals on collagen powers all the time, too!

The Age of Convenience

Some of us truly love cooking and getting creative in the kitchen, while others… not so much. While the deals we run on food products are sure to keep your pantries fully stocked, we can’t exactly come over and prepare your food for you. However, we often run deals on Uber Eats vouchers and mealtime subscriptions from names like UCook and Fitchef, which means you can lay out the table and worry about nothing more than the dishes afterwards. You’re welcome!