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Bluetooth True Wireless ANC IPX4 Sports Headphones (TAT4556)


TWS IPX4 Sports Headphones



15.6 Inch Laptop Bag
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15.6 Inch Laptop Bag




Bluetooth TWS Earbuds
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Bluetooth TWS Earbuds




While we all have our grips and groans about loadshedding (see point 2), there’s no denying the importance - if not total reliance - on electricity. We aren’t in the dark ages after all - as much as it sometimes feels like it - which is why we run regular electronics deals online, including speakers, home theatre systems, computers and more. With this category being as broad as it is, it would be impossible to list all of the kinds of things we sell at OneDayOnly, so we have highlighted the ones that have become somewhat essential in this day and age. Starting, of course, with cables and chargers. No matter how many you claim to have lying around the house, there’s always room for more, and we run regular deals on chargers for all of your devices, from phones to laptops and more.

Home Sweet Home Office

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to work from home, but for those among us who do, we have incredible deals on all that you could need to set up the most efficient home office. We’re talking laptops, monitors, networking equipment and more. No office would be complete without printers or scanners, which is why we run reals on those all the time. Occasionally, we even offer deals on the nitty gritty stuff like circuit board components and cables!

Tune in to the Deals

Since 2020, working from home has become as commonplace in South Africa as owning a vuvuzela. That said, our online deals on electronics often include products like headphones and speakers, allowing you to attend online meetings without having to worry about the noise in the rest of the house. These devices are just as useful for playtime, too (here’s looking at the gamers out there). With options like noise-cancelling headphones, earphones and headsets, you’ll be able to block out the world around you and focus on what matters. Speaking to the gamers again, we run deals on consoles, laptops and computers, too!

Light ‘em up!

While rechargeable lamps would ideally fall under loadshedding lifesavers, we have so much more than just those on offer! Our regular lighting deals online shed a… light… on some incredible options for your home and office. Whether you’re looking to bring a little ambience to your living quarters by means of lava lamps or rock salt lamps, or want to brighten things up completed with LED or fluorescent options, we have something to help everyone beat back the darkness.

Stay Smart!

No mention of electronics would be complete without mentioning the device that has revolutionised the world since the early 2000s: the smartphone. Whether you’re an Android junkie or an iOS champ, we run deals on phones all the time, both brand spanking new and fully-refurbished. Due for an upgrade? Keep your eyes peeled, because we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. As always, though, if not today, maybe tomorrow!