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Premium Furniture

Beech Wood and Rattan Chair
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Beech Wood and Rattan Chair



Acacia Wood Bed Base
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Acacia Wood Bed Base





Wooden Storage Box


Acacia Wood Bedside Table


Rubberwood Bar Chair


Metal Day Bed


Full Grain Leather Couch


3 Seater Modern Couch


2x Saddle Style Counter Stool


Kids Contemporary Desk

Diva Vertical Panel Velvet Headboard
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Comfy Home

Diva Panel Velvet Headboard




Reclining Gravity Lawn Chair


Reclining Gravity Lawn Chair



Take a Seat

It’s perfectly normal, perfectly human to take things for granted, and only realise how important they are when they’re gone. One fine example that presents itself every time we move home - or office - is furniture. A home is incomplete without it, which is why we regularly run big deals on furniture like tables, TV stands, chairs, rugs, curtains, you name it! We’ve got what you need to make your house - a home!

All Around the Table

Let’s face it, we’re not students anymore. OK, maybe some of you are, but still. There is a time and place for sitting on the floor eating takeaways, and there is a time to showcase your true adulting skills by having a decent table around which to sit and enjoy dinner. At OneDayOnly, we run big deals on furniture online all the time, with plenty of options to choose from, including good old classic wood to hardy metal and even outdoor furniture made from weather-hardy plastic.

Up Against the Wall

In line with what we said about moving in - or out - of a place, it’s unbelievable how much one can manage to collect over the space of a few years. You don’t quite realise it until you finally get around to cleaning out your closet, literally! That said, no home would be complete without adequate storage space, which is where our big online deals on storage furniture, cupboards, cabinets and sets of drawers come in. Whether you’re looking to declutter your kitchen or add a new showpiece to your boudoir, our deals on all things furniture are sure to see you getting the… space… you require!

On the Floor

Nothing makes a statement in any room more than a nice rug or carpet, and our big online deals on carpets and rugs are sure to see you acquainted with a new conversation-starter in no time. We run big deals on big names in flooring covers, carpets, doormats and so much more. Whether you have a tiny breakfast nook that’s begging for a dash of colour or a large living room that lacks a little warmth, our regular online deals are sure to see you - and your floor - covered.

And Everywhere Else

Apart from the big stuff like carpets, cabinets, tables and chairs, we have online deals on furniture that cater to even the smallest accessories, like bedside tables, TV stands, coffee tables, outdoor furniture and everything else you can think of. Why get in your car and waste precious time and petrol scouring the stores for all the stuff you need when you can just as easily kick back and browse our site for big deals, every day! As we always say, what you don’t see online today, might well be there tomorrow!