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1 Meter Cable
Fast Data Transfer
High Quality Cable
Fast Charging
5V 3.0A


3-in-1 1.2m USB Fast Charging Cable (Lightning, Micro USB & Type C)


Retail: R350

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This deal expired on 2021-04-23.

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For people who are generally on-the-go or happen to travel frequently, it is important to stay charged, and this fast charging cable will ensure that you can stay connected, and keep your devices charged wherever you go. These cables come in either red or black, and are an essential item for those that depend on electronics. 

Product Features
  • 3.0A Output that supports fast charging
  • Supports super-fast data transmission
  • Stable and durable cable head
  • Cable options: Lightning, Micro USB or Type-C
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Here at OneDayOnly we pride ourselves on two things:

Our remarkable ability to remember quotes from practically any movie, and our skill in catering to almost any person in South Africa.

The latter is the harder of the two, because A) we haven't met everyone in the R of SA and 2) our personal tastes can hardly be used as a benchmark for things other people may enjoy.

Still, through sheer determination and never-miss-an-episode viewings of Egoli and Generations, we like to think we hit the proverbial nail on the head more often than not.

And in the almost unfathomable event that we're completely wrong and nothing on our cyber-shelves appeals to you, we'd like to leave you with the following gem from Lord of the Rings:

"Use the force, Harry." - Edward Cullen.

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