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Ellies2x Fridge Safe Surge Adaptor


Retail: R770

The Fridge Safe Under Voltage Protection adapter is equipped with safety-shuttered outlets for added protection. This automated device vigilantly monitors voltage levels, promptly disengaging during fluctuations and automatically reactivating after 4 minutes of stable power. Safeguard your fridge, freezer, or cooler from potential damage caused by power spikes and low voltage. Enjoy peace of mind with our Repair or Replace warranty terms and conditions.

Product Features
  • Detects dips in mains power and low voltage. (brown out)
  • Protects against spikes in mains power.
  • Red SURGE LED indicates surge protection active (protected when lit).
  • The red OFF LED indicates power is disconnected when voltage drops below 185V. (Safe mode)
  • Yellow WAIT LED indicator power restored to normal levels, 4-minute precautionary wait time. (Reconnecting)
  • Green ON LED indicates voltage is within set parameters and your fridge, freezer or cooler is receiving normal voltage. (Normal working state)
Product Specifications
  • Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • Fridge, freezer or cooler equipment power: up to 375W (1/2 hp)
  • Current: 5A
  • Self-consumption: 2W
  • Overvoltage trip point: 185V
  • Suitable for all fridge, freezer or cooler equipment.
  • Warranty
    • High Surge Protection R20 000 Warranty
    • This plug protects your exposure through the electrical mains only. It does not protect phone lines or television aerials.
    •  Any breach or non-compliance of these rules will make the R20 000 warranty null and void.
    • For R20 000 warranty to be valid, the enclosed warranty form needs to be completed and submitted to Ellies (Pty) Ltd with all other required documents within 30 days from the date of purchase.
    • This warranty is between yourself and Ellies and has nothing to do with OneDayOnly. 
What's In The Box?
  • 2 x Fridge Safe Surge Adaptor
  • 2 x warranty forms (1 per adapter - this needs to be filled in by the customer in full in order for claiming purposes)
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