Garage parking Sensor

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Easy DIY installation Ultrasonic sensor Easy Parking Assistance Colour light display indicator with retractable cable Battery Operated
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11 Jan 2017
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 The Swann Garage Parking Sensor offers a safe and easy solution for parking your vehicle in your garage. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance between your car and the wall and indicates is this distance through the use of coloured display lights.

Simply screw, hang or stick the parking sensor to your wall, adjust the height of the light display indicator (using the retractable cable), and off you safely stop!

Product Features
  • Indicates how close your car is to a garage wall & other objects to prevent damage to your vehicle & property
  • Set the safety distance to 1, 2, or 3ft / 30, 60 or 90cm away from wall & indicator lights will change color depending on how close you are to that distance
  • Green Light = Car is in detection zone. Orange Light = Car is within the slow down zone distance limit. Red Light = Car is at safety limit in stop zone
  • Easy to use & set up - offers parking assistance for vehicles which may not be fitted with car parking assistance systems
  • Main unit is attached to a wall at fender/bumper level & attached indicator light is set to windscreen level for visibility
  • Completely wireless using 4 x AA batteries (not included) & indicator light flashes red when batteries need replacing
Product Specifications
  •  Dimensions: 5.16 x 1.77 x 4.84” / 131 x 45 x 123mm
  • Weight: 4.48oz/127g
  • Wireless Frequency: 40KHz Ultrasonic
Box Contents
  • Garage Parking Sensor & Indicator Light
  • Mounting Screws & Wall Plugs
  • Double-Sided Tape for Mounting
  • Quick Start Guide

Check out the Swann website for more info!

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