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25 Sep 2020


Smart Robot Mop Vacuum with Gyro-Navigation, Self-Docking Station

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Remote Vacuum Docking station Superior quality High power suction
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The nannyvac™ BL-03W has a full-function remote control, a charging/docking station and a detachable water tank with various pads for use in wet operation. This robot uses various sensors for simultaneous localization and mapping of your living spaces and cleans it more efficiently than a random robot. This robot vacuum fits into your connected living space and can be controlled via Smart Apps on your Mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) and are also compatible with Google and Alexa giving you full voice control without lifting a finger. Strong, robust and intelligent, the machine does its work amazingly while being firmly part of the family. 

No need to look for it or fetch it because it returns to the docking station as soon as the 2500mah battery runs down to 20%. Low noise (<70dB) operation, 1200Pa of suction power and 0.6lt of dustbin capacity are stand-out features. 

Ideal for use on your laminate and hardwood floors, tiles, and thin-cut (up to 15mm) carpets. With the carpet pressurization feature, it automatically recognizes this due to increased resistance and increases to maximum suction. Once it detects a different, less resistant surface, it returns to normal suction.

If you have pets and/or suffer from allergies the nannyvac™ family of robot cleaners are exactly for you. These cleaners have precision-sealed, airtight dust enclosures with HEPA-E11 filtration which prevents exhaust contamination of your ambient air.

Machines are supplied with a set of spare brushes, 1 x additional particulate filter, external detachable water tank, tank refill cup and mop pads. Additionally, we provide full critical spares holding and technical product support in-country.

 “Let the nannyvac™ take care of your home while you get on with life”.

Product Features
  • Gyro-Navigation Robot with smart route planning
  • Full function remote control 
  • Smart App & Voice Assistant (Alexa & Google Assistant)
  • 1200pa suction power with low noise emission (<70dB)*
  • Suitable for tile, hardwood floors and thin-pile carpet (up to 15mm)
  • Scheduling10mins,20mins & 30mins
  • 1-year full-service warranty 
Product Specification
  • Operating power: 15W
  • Battery capacity Li-ion, 7.4V, 2500mAh,battery with discharge protection
  • Operating Time: 70-90 mins
  • Dustbin Capacity: 0.60L
  • IR Wireless remote control: Yes
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Button type: Mechanical
  • Ground detection Sensors: 3 sets
  • Infrared sensors: 3 sets
  • Anti-Falling Function: Yes
  • Anti-Collision Function: Yes
  • Dedicated wet function; detachable mop tank; 100ml water and detergent filler cup
  • Remote Batteries: 2 x AAA (batteries not included)
What you get 
  • 2 x replaceable mop attachments 
  • 4 x brushes 
  • 1 x nannyvac Robot Vacuum 
  • 1 x Remote 
  • 1 x Docking station 
  • 2 x Filters 
  • 1 x Water cup 
  • 1 x Removeable dustbin with handle
“OneDayOnly is amazing I ordered something lately and was amazed at them sending me a tracking number for my package!!!” Marlize, Cape Town