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03 Dec 2019


Ultimate Accuracy Digital Scale Analyser

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Accurate up to 50g Increments Instant Weight Reading Includes Battery 15 Year Guarantee Modern Design
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Always know where you stand with the Ultimate Accuracy Bathroom Scale. If only everything in life was this simple. Salter UK’s smart Ultimate Accuracy Bathroom Scale does everything you need it to for fuss-free weight management. This practical bathroom scale comes wrapped up in one neat, stylish package.

With its modern, curved edges and large digital display, it really is the future of floor scales. Hop on the snazzy platform for an instant snapshot of your weight, and see your measurements down to precise, 50g increments for spot-on readings every time.

Product features
  • 50g increments for precise weight management
  • Step on for instant weight reading
  • Includes 1 x CR2032 battery 
  • Guarantee15 years
“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating