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Wellness Collection Marcella Pillow Top Flip Free Bed Set with 2 High Density Memory Foam Pillows and a Waterproof Mattress Protector Included

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More Sizes


Retail: R13,000

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Please note
  • These beds are individually shipped by the supplier, which means you'll have to wait a bit longer if you live in outlying areas. It is definitely worth the wait though.
  • Please note that the mattress, adjustable bases, and other accessories may not be eligible for returns once taken out of the original packaging.
  • Print patterns on the mattress may vary

Lylax - Because Tomorrow Begins Tonight. Our commitment to quality has made us a leader in the industry, and we look forward to helping you find the right mattress so you can get a better night’s sleep for years to come.Lylax Bedding has been providing sleep solutions for the past 35 years to the hospitality industry, major chain stores, and independent retailers and our constant new innovations on our spring systems, fabrics and all of our raw materials make us a supplier of choice.

Lylax introduces our New Wellness Collection range of mattresses with our Anti-Viral Apex range of fabrics. With our busy daily schedules and fast-paced lifestyles and with the SARS-2 Covid 19 pandemic getting a good, healthy night sleep is now more than ever not an option but a priority. Lylax has been working tirelessly with all of our major suppliers to innovate the latest technologies for all of our products. We are proud to introduce the new Apex range of fabric on our mattress that has been designed exclusively for Lylax thus ensuring world-class technologies are accessible to all because we believe everyone deserves a healthy and peaceful nights sleep with the understanding that now more than ever a healthy immune system is directly linked to our quality of sleep.

Our ranges of Purefoam with no added chemicals, latex foam that is recommended by medical professionals the world over, power coil spring system designed to provide durability and take weights up to 150kgs per person, Imported Knit ticking that is treated with anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatment our mattresses provide the comfort and health benefits that will leave you waking up completely refreshed and rejuvenated ready to take on life with all of its obstacles and daily challenges.

Product Features

Bed Set

  • Firmness – Medium Firm
  • High performance imported knit ticking which is soft to the touch with additional comfort benefits
  • The ticking is treated with anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatment that created a healthier, cleaner sleep environment.
  • Comfort Level – Medium Firm
  • Latex foam which provides a unique balance of soft comfort with proper back and spinal support. Latex foam is resilient to dust mites, mould, and bacteria.
  • The open cell structure of latex provides excellent air circulation that allows for good breathability resulting in an extremely comfortable sleep temperature.
  • The superb body pressure distribution properties of latex mattresses are frequently recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.
  • High-density Pure Foam layers that provides amazing comfort, support and recovery whilst reducing indentation over time
  • High strength insulator spring pads - designed to prevent the spring from eroding the pads and assists in dispersing pressure evenly.
  • Natural high density Fibre pads to ensure quality and longevity whilst assisting with airflow, dispersion of pressure and heat which assists in balancing body temperature.
  • Lylax exclusive high coil count, high gauge Powercoil sleep system that promotes proper support and alignment across the entire body.
  • The mattresses are designed to work with our base ; we recommend you purchase a full set
  • The flat-top base is manufactured with kiln-dried timber
  • Lylax bases are designed with the highest grade timber
  • It has 6 legs for the proper support required for the enhanced life of your mattress
  • Maximum weight – 150kgs per person

2 Pillows included

Memory foam pillows offer a number of health benefits. The pillows are outstanding because of the heat reactive cushioning insulator. This means that when pressure is applied on the pillow along with heat, the foam moulds itself to adjust with the object. This is why these pillows shape to the neck and head better than other pillows.

When it comes to quality and comfortable sleep, cost shouldn’t be a concern. This should be kept in mind when memory foam pillows cost the same or more than traditional pillows. Memory foam pillows offer a number of benefits that other pillows don’t provide. These pillows retain shape and last a lot longer than standard pillows. When you are comparing prices of pillows, consider the cost of replacing your pillows over the lifespan of a memory foam pillow.

  • Pressure Points Memory foam pillows are designed to outline the unique shape of the body and supports your neck and heat. The foam reforms where it is not pressured, and more where the stress is increased.
  • Sleep Apnoea The advantages for those with sleep apnoea are obscure. But, it is believed that the spinal alignment aligns the airways better and allows for easier breathing. The shortage of pressure points with memory foam may benefit those with sleep apnoea, because there will be less tossing around.
  • Spinal Alignment Back pain or headaches are usually caused by poor spinal alignment. One of the major health benefits of memory foam pillows is spinal alignment. When your head and neck is placed on the pillow, the warmth of your body allows the foam to reshape itself.
  • Durable Memory foam pillows hold their shape, and are less likely to go flat like traditional pillows. The foam conforms to fit the head and neck, but when it cools down, it goes back to the original shape. Other types of pillows develop lumps and go flat over time.
  • Hygienic Memory foam is a synthetic material and is safe. These pillows are hypoallergenic which obstructs the growth of bacteria and dust mites. This is a benefit for those who experience allergies to features and dust mites.

Apex range Antiviral protectors and pillow protectors

The TPU membrane has been internationally tested, has excellent environmental durability with resistance to hydrocarbons, chemicals, ozone, bacteria and fungus. New Apex design thus ensures protection from any virus or bacteria from seeping into your bed or pillow as the protector is designed with the TPU membrane on the face of the fabric(the outer side)

  • This stops cross-contamination by simply wiping down the surface with an alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Easy clean up as there are no visible fabric fibers that can hold onto moisture, so a simple disinfectant can clean your product
  • The glue used to laminate the product is completely non-toxic and free from any solvents or chemicals
  • A softer application is applied to ensure the ultimate comfort and safety for the user
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions King Std Length : Width : 183cm , Length : 188cm
  • Dimensions Queen STD Length - Width: 152cm, Length: 188cm
  • Double STD Length: Width 137cm Length: 188cm
  • Lylax offers a 2 Year Guarantee and 10 Year Service Warranty Inclusive of the Guarantee
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Capacity: 150 kg per person per side
  • 10 Year Warranty inclusive of the 2-year guarantee 





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