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Mulit-wire staples
Identify different gauge of staple itself
Aluminium housing
Comfortable handle
SS belt-clip
Safety handle lock mechanism


Uni-Tacker Heavy-Duty Staple Gun


Retail: R500

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This deal expired on 2021-02-23.

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This Ross Staple and Brad Gun feature an easy-to-squeeze trigger and comfortable handle to reduce hand fatigue. The all metal drive channel ensures better penetration. Power Switch for harder wood. It can be used to drive Ross Staples as well as Stanley TRA700 / TRA200 series Staples, Arrow T-50 / JT21  Staples and Rapid #53 / #140 staples. It includes a belt clip.

Product Features
  • Design to accept mulit-wire staples (Arrow T50/JT21, Rapid #140/53/13 Stanley TRA700 and TRA200)
  • Built-in "idiot-proof" device can identify the different gauge of staple itself
  • Aluminium housing
  • Durable metal inner magazine
  • Comfortable bi-material handle
  • Long nose design for easy reaching recessed area
  • SS belt-clip for easy to carry
  • Safety handle lock mechanism
  • Adjustable impact power setting
  • Visual low staple refill window
  • Bottom load design for easy load staple and jam clearing
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