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Ripple Car Cup Holder with Formaldehyde Purification Function Air Freshener

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Retail: R550

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This deal expired on 2021-04-08.

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At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive designs are all aspects which we pride ourselves with.

Product Features
  • Nano concentrated aroma balm activated carbon paste
  • Contain plant deodorant factors, identifying and decomposing odor molecules rather than cover them up
  • Nano solid concentration technology enables 10 times lower volatilization rate than liquid aroma diffuser
  • 360-degree decomposition of hidden odors in a car
  • Natural plant formula and non-alcoholic essence ensure health from the source
  • The fragrance is mild and not irritating so it can be used for pregnant women and babies
  • Combine aluminum alloy with ABS technology
Product Specification
  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: Baseus Ripple Car Cup Holder Air Freshener (with Formaldehyde Purification Function)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Fragrance: Cologne cream (with formaldehyde purification function)
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