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Pack of 3
Easy to store
Reduce the damage to fibers
Maintains colors for longer


Pack of 3 Power 3-in-1 Laundry Capsules

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This deal expired on 2021-01-26.

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Introducing OMO 3 X Power Laundry Capsules, our new and improved 3-in-one product that is both convenient and powerful while caring, removing tough stains and freshening your garments. It allows you to monitor your capsule use and know exactly how many washes you have left without any mess or fuss. Our capsules dissolve faster than the leading competitor, meaning that you get fast and effective stain removal even in a quick wash. For powerful stain removal, extra care and longer lasting freshness, try OMO’s new and improved 3 X Power Laundry Capsules

Product Features
  • Contains 3 x more stain removal per drop than liquid detergent 
  • Convenient, clean and self-contained
  • Quick and easy: one simple action - just throw it into the drum – anyone can use it!
  • Practical, convenient pack, easy to store and light to transport
  • Faster and less messy than liquid or powder detergent 
  • Dissolves fast, working well in a 30-minute quick wash 
  • Does not contain bleach, helping to reduce the damage to fibers and maintain colors for longer. 
  • New Fragrance system – up to 14 days of wash-to-wash freshness
Deal Includes
  • Pack of 3 x 17's (51 capsules total) or Pack of 3 x 24's (72 capsules total)
  • Free shipping on this deal today!
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It's a little bit of a paradox, as 2020 was probably the first year in everyone's collective lives that we can all agree sucked.

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