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Bold design
Military style
Swivel Steel Base
Vintage Brown


Military Full Grain Leather Chair


Retail: R11,000

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This deal expired on 2020-11-10.

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The Falcon armchair is a modern rendition of the mid-century classic.  Perfectly crafted and luxurious, featuring upholstery in vintage full grain leather, wrapped in riveted aluminium panels and features a swivel steel base.

Boldly inspired by our Spitfire range, a perfect balance of classic and contemporary.

Product Features
  • Military style
  • Vintage Brown
  • Vintage Full Grain Leather
  • Swivel Steel Base
  • Bold
  • Statement piece
  • Luxurious
  • Aluminium panels
Product Specifications 
  • Partial Assembly
  • Dimensions: 700mm (L) x 680mm (W) x 820mm (H) | Seat Height:  480mm | Seat Depth:  435mm

Note:   To reflect the finish of a vintage WWII fighter plane, the metal sheeting used are not spotless.  Minor marks, scratches, abrasions and even small indentations are part of the design and not defects in the material or workmanship.

Note: Only items specified are included. Any other furniture pieces, décor and accessories shown in the product photography are excluded.

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