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Men's KING F9 Speedback Right Handed Fairway Wood


Retail: R5,000

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This deal expired on 2021-01-26.

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For the first time in a Cobra fairway, the ultimate precision of CNC milling is combined with SPEEDBACK™ and BAFFLER® Technologies to deliver our longest, fastest and most accurate fairways.

A compact, tour-proven shape is paired with our first CNC milled fairway face, and SPEEDBACK™ and BAFFLER® Technologies to deliver maximum speed, precision and workability desired by better players.

COBRA CONNECT, Powered By Arccos, allows golfers to track their distance and accuracy using detailed stats and analysis to improve their game.

Product Features
  • The KING F9 SPEEDBACK fairway combines Baffler Rails, SPEEDBACK Technology, and precision CNC milling to deliver the ultimate blend of speed, distance and accuracy.
  • Ideal for 5-25 handicaps with moderate to faster swing speeds seeking maximum distance, forgiveness and high launch in a traditional shape.
  • For the first time in a fairway, the ultimate precision of CNC milling is combined with revolutionary SPEEDBACK with Baffler Rail Technology, delivering our longest, fastest and most precise fairways ever.
  • Our first fully machined fairway face is CNC MILLED to create our thinnest, hottest, and most precise face ever.
  • CNC milling controls face thicknesses and curvatures to tighter tolerances, ensuring consistent performance across every fairway manufactured.
  • CNC milling is an industry leading technology that took two and a half years to perfect. We are the only company to feature both CNC milled driver and fairway faces.
  • CNC milling yields more precise face thickness controls compared to manual hand polishing, allowing us to design a thinner and faster conforming face.
  • Each fairway face is SPEED TUNED using Dual Roll and E9 face technologies to produce consistent ball speed, launch and spin.
  • Dual Roll curvatures are CNC milled into the face following exact specifications in the 3D CAD file design to ensure consistent performance on every fairway we manufacture.
  • E9 Technology is a variable thickness structure designed in an elliptical shape (along 9 different points) that expands the SWEET ZONE accross a typical miss-hit pattern that ranges from the low heel to high toe areas.
  • We tested two different versions of the SPEEDBACK fairway – one with a CNC milled face and one with a hand-polished face. Results with the CNC milled face showed ball speed gains up to 2.5 mph, which translates to over 7 yards!
  • Baffler and SPEEDBACK Technologies work in unison to optimize low CG and clubhead speed through the turf.
  • A weight positioned low and back acts as a “middle rail” ramp surface and lowers the CG to improve the transfer of energy to the ball.
  • A 15 gram tungsten weight promotes high, towering trajectories and is interchangeable with heavier or lighter weights to tune swing weight.
  • Redesigned to save discretionary weight needed to lower the club’s center of gravity, while maintaining the same great turf interaction our Baffler rails have always provided.
  • COBRA CONNECT grips feature embedded sensors that work in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie mobile app – the award-winning connected golf system that helps players of all skill levels make smarter, data-driven decisions and shoot lower scores.
Product Specifications
  • Lite or Regular shaft options
  • Right handed club
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