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Pressure relieving
Hand crafted
Made in South Africa
Superior quality
Many sizes
Extra length available

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Latex Mattress Topper with 5 Year Guarantee

More Sizes
More Sizes


Retail: R3,700

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  • For hygiene reasons, exchanges and returns will not be facilitated on these items.

Never miss a good nights sleep again!

The mattress topper has a skirt which folds all around and under your mattress for a nonslip fit. Its goal is to supplement the comfort of your mattress or address your mattress’s limitations. Perfect for people who currently have a firm bed which they would like to add a bit of softness to, for those who would like to extend the life of their mattress, and for those who require some comfort whilst recuperating from an operation or other medical condition. We are able to custom make a mattress topper just for you.

This topper is highly durable and has a soft feel. Latex foam is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable, supportive sleep surface. Latex foam conforms properly to body shape, providing correct spinal alignment.

Product Features
  • Thickness: 5cm
  • Latex
  • Inner Cover with elastic fitting sheet
  • Nonslip fit
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Weightless sleeping environment
  • Superior quality
  • Hand Crafted & Made in South Africa
Product Specifications 
  • Sizes options:
    • Single: 92cm x 188cm x 5cm
    • Single (EXL): 92cm x 200cm x 5cm
    • Three Quarter: 107cm x 188cm x 5cm 
    • Three Quarter (EXL): 107cm x 200cm x 5cm 
    • Double: 137cm x 188cm x 5cm
    • Double (EXL): 137cm x 200cm x 5cm
    • Queen: 152cm x 188cm x 5cm
    • Queen (EXL): 152cm x 200cm x 5cm 
    • King: 183cm x 188cm x 5cm - (equals two single mattresses)
    • King (EXL): 183cm x 200cm x 5cm - (equals two single EXL mattresses)
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We're big believers in retail therapy

The stats we're presenting here are based purely on our staff, who make up a tiny percentage of the general population, but they tell us that 100% of our staff that ordered something online exhibited signs of excitement when that thing was delivered.

We know the saying "Money can't buy happiness", but you don't often see someone crying on a jetski - and not just because all that water splashing around would make it hard to identify the tears in the first place.

Although we do have to ask: if our savings are this good, shouldn't we be calling it discount therapy instead?

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