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DuracellHi-Speed 45 Minute Charger With Batteries


Retail: R500

When you’re always on the go, you just don’t have time to wait for batteries to charge. Whether you want to keep your kids entertained with a fully charged video game controller, or take endless snapshots of your exciting life – you need batteries you can rely on anywhere you go. The Duracell Hi-Speed Charger is your fast and portable solution to help keep you going instead of having to stop because of empty batteries. Its 9 safety features make sure that you can keep going without any worries and after batteries are completely charged, the charger can automatically shut off to prevent overheating.

Hi-Speed Charger - Ready in 45 Minutes

Approx. 85% of full charge, when using Duracell 1300 mAh AA NiMH batteries. Approx. 75% of full charge when using Duracell 750 mAh AAA NiMH batteries. This charger comes with Duracell’s 10-year guarantee, so you can rely on Duracell’s long-lasting power every day. Go on living your life in the fast lane and let your batteries accompany you – wherever you go. This charger comes with an LED Charge Status Indicator and includes 2 AA 1300 mAh & 2 AAA 750 mAh batteries. 

Product Features 
  • Charges AA and AAA batteries
  • Charging works with 2 or 4 batteries
  • Multiple protection to ensure safe charging of your batteries
  • Auto Shut-off - after batteries are completely charged, the charger automatically shuts off to prevent overheating
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions: 8.6cm x 6.6cm x 3.3cm
  • Includes:
    • 2x AA 1300 mAh batteries
    • 2x AAA 750 mAh batteries
      • 4 batteries in total
    • 1x LED Charge Status Indicator


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