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Grade R-3 Junior Phase Mathematics CD-Rom (CAPS Compliant)


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Mega-Mathematics is the perfect programme to enhance your child's numerical skills. It is jam packed with fun leanring activities, keeping your child entertained and motivated while learning. This program covers multiple topics, with emphasis on numeracy enhancement, testing varied math skills alongside step-by-step teaching methods.

Allow your child to enjoy the beauty of mathematics through the innovation of computer technology. 

How to install?

  • Insert CD into CD drive 
  • Go to MY COMPUTER 
  • Double click on DVD RW DRIVE 
  • Double click on MEGA MATHS INSTALLER 
  • It will prepare to install 
  • Click next until MEGA MATHS starts installing
  • Click YES to allow changes to computer 
  • MEGA MATHS will install 
  • Minimize Windows 
  • Enter activation code provided in space below 
  • Click to activate
Product Features
  • Fully compliant with CAPS Curriculum
  • Perfect for primary school children in Grade R - 3
  • Complete junior primary mathematics programme in full colour and brilliant graphics (grades R to 3)
  • Thorough explanations in highly simplified language to ensure effective understanding at the junior primary level.
  • Serious emphasis on numeracy enhancement.
  • Ideal revision medium and perfect foundation re-builder.
  • Let your child enjoy the beauty of mathematics through the innovation of computer technology.
  • Step-by-step teaching methods will ensure eagerness to learn and a desire to excel.
  • A must-have in every home with a primary school child.
  • Supports Windows 7, 8 and 10

Concepts/Topics Covered

  • Colours
  • Numbers & Words
  • Place Values
  • More or Less
  • Halving & Doubling
  • Mathematics Operations (incl.
  • Tables and Division up to 20)
  • Time
  • Shapes & Objects
  • Money
  • Measurement
  • Data Handling
  • Fractions
  • Directions & Ordinals
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