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Easy setup
Better Wifi signal
Great for streaming
Works with any standard modem/router
Easy access-control
Set of 2


Duo Pack Wifi 2500 Mbps 4x4 802.11ac (WiFi 5) Wireless Mesh Extenders (Model: 4930)


Retail: R3,600

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This deal expired on 2021-01-18.

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With Internet access speeds getting faster and faster, the conventional in-home Wi-Fi architecture of a centralised router is becoming problematic. The weakening of wireless signals through walls and floors results in poor Wi-Fi performance and dead-spots. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which relies on a single router, the AirTies Home Wi-Fi Mesh system uses multiple Access Points (APs) placed around the home to create an intelligent and seamless Mesh network that ensures consistent high-quality Wi-Fi performance to all corners of the home.

Dual-Band Concurrent

While streaming HD videos over 5GHz with the super-fast 802.11ac technology, Air4930 also provides the best possible wireless performance for all your legacy wireless devices over 2.4GHz – at the same time from Air 4930!

Small 2500Mbps Wireless Mesh Extender

Ergonomically designed, with a 10x10x8 cm small form factor, takes up minimum space.

User Friendly: Secure network Configuration at the Touch of a Button

Install your Home Mesh Network easily thtough pre-configured Air4930s. Add more access points and extend the network by using the WPS buttons on the extender packs.

100% Wireless Coverage in the home

Delivering reliable, 100% wireless coverage range in every home top to bottom, back to front has long posed a major challenge for many service providers. AirTies Mesh was designed to optimize wireless coverage range in the least invasive and most power efficient manner. By stringing together a series of small, low-power, and smart access points, Mesh ensures 100% wireless coverage in any home.

Auto Mesh increases the efficiency of air time and is particularly beneficial for real time wireless video distribution. It utilizes “per-packet” routing via the most direct path from “server” (which may be the Internet, or another mesh point such as a IP Video box) to each client. In this way, the wireless network.

Wireless Video

Operator grade video streaming capable. It can stream multiple HD video channels, deal with both multicast and unicast traffic and prioritize the TV service over general traffic.

Product Features
  • 2500 Mbps 802.11ac
  • Wireless Mesh Extender
  • Provides optimum whole home Wi-Fi coverage as well as improving
  • Wi-Fi performances of your Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets
  • 2xGigabit Ethernet Ports to connect Wired Devices to Wi-Fi
  • Works with any Standard Modem
Product Specifications
  • AirTies Mesh – establishes a coordinated multi-AP Wi-Fi Network, extending Wi-Fi coverage in the home.
  • Extend Wi-Fi – press WPS buttons. AP added to Wi-Fi network and coverage extended further.
  • Personalize Wi-Fi – change settings for one AP; network follows.
  • Resilient Wi-Fi – disconnect one AP, Wi-Fi network survives.
  • Steer Wi-Fi – maximize device connection speeds & overall home Wi-Fi capacity through steering to different nodes and Wi-Fi bands/channels.
  • Plug and Play - pre-paired pack of devices.
  • Visualize Wi-Fi – display what is happening in the Wi-Fİ Network.
  • Monitor Wi-Fi – collect Wi-Fi history for later analysis.
  • Manage Wi-Fi – interop with operator grade management servers.
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