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Sparkling wine
Pinot Noir
Pleasantly fruity


Diamond Pinot Noir



Retail: R550
Not for persons under the age of 18

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This deal expired on 2021-04-23.

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The Bottega brand is the result of the work of three generations of Italians involved in the world of wine and grappa. Distilleria Bottega is the company located at Bibano di Godega S.U (TV), 45 km from Venice and a short drive from Conegliano Veneto, the romantic capital of the Prosecco growing region and the throbbing heart of the tradition of Grappa. The premises are located in a large, 19th-century farmstead surrounded by 30 hectares of vineyards.

Product Features
  • A top of the range crystal clear 100 percent Pinot noir, the colour of straw yellow with a bouquet. 
  • That is clear and pleasantly fruity, black cherries and slightly spicy Cinnamon and Mint ending with a taste that is dry and harmonic.
  •  Dry, alcoholic, velvety, harmonious, tasty, with a persistent aftertaste
  • Hints of fresh yellow fruit and spices
  • Bottega Diamond is a Brut sparkling wine obtained using the Long Charmat method through white-wine vinification of  Pinot Nero grapes.  
  • The bottle is adorned with a series of small brilliants spelling out the name Bottega, giving the final touch to this product and highlighting its value, elegance and refinement. 
  • Good as an aperitif, goes well with starters, courses with fish or cheese
Product Specification
  • Product of Italy
  • ABV: 12%
  • Volume: 1 x 750ml or 6 x 750ml
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