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Home Design LivingDafina Vertical Panel Headboard

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Retail: R2,200

This unique Headboard comes in various styles and a luxurious velvet material.

Add an elegant and contemporary look to your bedroom with this easy to fit headboard that fits any base. This gorgeous piece looks stunning in a classic, transitional, modern, or shabby chic home. Its soft color looks crisp and fresh, while the fabric upholstery creates an inviting look for family and guests.

Product Features
  • Constructed for long-term durability
  • A classic and elegant design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Freestanding headboard
  • Luxurious Velvet
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions:
    • Double: 140(L) x 7(W) x 120(H) cm
    • Queen: 160(L) x 7(W).x 120(H) cm
    • King: 183(L) x 7(W) x 120(*H) cm
  • Please note that the dimensions may vary slightly due to products being hand-made or hand Finished
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