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Highland750ml Single Cask 13 Year Old Whisky


Retail: R2,000
Not for persons under the age of 18

Discover exceptional single cask whisky deals, featuring rare and unique bottles crafted from individual casks, offering unparalleled flavor profiles and exclusivity. These limited-edition whiskies are perfect for collectors and connoisseurs seeking a distinctive and memorable tasting experience.

Product Features
  • Tasting notes:
    • Nose: Fruit, malted barley and citrus
    • Palate: Nutmeg, white grape and vanilla custard
    • Finish: Scottish tablet and subtle aromas of garden herbs
Product Specifications
  • Type: Single Malt Scotch
  • Volume: 750ml bottle
  • Alcohol by volume: 43%
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Birds of a feather

From the beginning of time - or somewhere around then - we humans have lived and worked alongside animals to really help us develop. We're talking cows for milk, horses for labour, dogs for companionship and protection, all of that jazz.

When it comes to birds and their feathers, we've also found plenty of things to make. We use feathers for lures in fly-fishing, we use them to make fletching (the tail bits of arrows), Harry Potter used feathers to write exams and do homework (though we still think a ballpoint pen would have been a lot more practical), you name it!

Now, we're not really up to fly-fishing or archery in this weather, and we certainly aren't interested in writing on parchment (again, had Hogwarts never heard of exam pads?) But a use for a feather we can really get behind (or under) is in our deal on 100% feather duvets from Duck Feather.