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Ginologist750ml I Love You Turkish Delight Gin


Not for persons under the age of 18
Please note:
  • We are unable to source this product for a price that would allow us to offer our usual savings so we are running it at a comparative retail price.

It all started by creating an all-glass distillation straight-out of a lab set-up and sourcing the best ingredients from around the globe. From the juniper berries that give the gin a perfect base to the botanicals that tease the nose and satisfy the palette. It took months to develop the formulas and after 15 test batches and numerous taste tests they settled on a process that is designed to treat every single part of the recipe with the respect, it deserves to unlock the best possible aromas and flavours – a process that had created something unique and worthy of the Ginologist scientific seal of quality. 

Product Features
  • Tasting notes: 

    • A special gin that is made for a special person. Whether it is to spoil someone near and dear to you or because sometimes you’ve just got to treat yourself, this sweet gift of a Turkish Delight flavoured gin is the perfect way to say “I Love You”.

  • Nose: 
    • Fragrant aromas of rose petals and fresh rose geranium on the nose transport you into the rose garden of your dreams.
  • Palate
    • A deliciously intense flavour of Turkish Delight swells before the deep notes of dark chocolate lingering on the tongue. The flavours burst forward and are unmistakably reminiscent of a Turkish delight dessert.
Product Specifications
  • Product of South Africa
  • Volume: 750ml bottle
  • Alcohol by Volume: 43%
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