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Môreson6x Miss Molly Bubbly Cap Classique

R99.83 Each
R99.83 Each


Retail: R840
Not for persons under the age of 18.

Miss Molly, the Môreson Weimaraner, is such a huge presence in our lives that we felt she deserved her own range of wines. Her larger-than-life personality, her unique quirks and her naughty nature ensure that she is a love magnet. Miss Molly - the silver-coated, green-eyed, completely captivating Môreson Weimaraner - is impossible to resist. Luckily the fame, associated with having her own range of wines, hasn't yet gone to Miss Molly's head. She is still the same charming mademoiselle who loves nothing more than to spend a morning sneaking into a bed uninvited, an afternoon sunning herself in the finest leather wingback chair or an evening posing for photographs. Miss Molly Wines have been designed to capture our vivacious Miss Molly's unchecked passion for life.

Product Features
  • All the grapes are whole bunch pressed into 3 distinct fractions; Cuvée, Premier Taille and Deuxieme Taille which are treated and fermented separately.
  • Produced in the traditional method used in Champagne.
  • The aroma has highlights of citrus, specifically lemon and lime, with a hint of pineapple.
  • All supported by biscuity and yeasty undertones.
  • The Miss Molly Bubbly has a beautiful, fine mousse that perfectly complements its fruity freshness.
  • Enjoy on its own for any celebrations, or with your favourite oysters.
Product Specifications
  • Alcohol by Volume: 12%
  • Region: Franschhoek 

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Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes it feels like they all decide to pull an Avengers style team-up. Like when two of your neighbours decide to start construction projects at the same time, killing the vibe of your work-from-home setup.

But there's also a lot of things to celebrate. Like when your neighbours finish their construction and allow you to go back to working from home uninterrupted. Except for the occasional squawking of the resident hadedas.

We understand the importance of celebrating, no matter how small a victory it may seem. Even winning in Fortnite is worth a pat on the back.

That's why we're here to help you commemorate those victories in style.

And what better way than by toasting with our deal on a case of Miss Molly Bubbly Cap Classique?