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Brut Cap Classique
Brut Cap Classique

Pierre Jourdan6x Cap Classique

R169.83 Each
R169.83 Each


Retail: R1,170
Not for persons under the age of 18

Established in the Franschhoek Valley in 1694 by French Huguenot, Pierre Jourdan. Custom in the Champagne Valley of France dictates that champagne created from the vines of the land is named after the landowner. True to this tradition, the founder of Haute Cabrière, Achim von Arnim, named the first range of exceptional Cap Classique wines Pierre Jourdan after the original landowner. This range remains the perfect ode to the original owner in South Africa’s ‘French Corner’, Franschhoek.

This deal includes 6 bottles of the selected option, i.e. a case of either Belle Rose OR Brut Cap Classique 

Product Features

Belle Rose Cap Classique

  • Award: Gold Michelangelo.
  • A tribute to Pinot Noir, the light rose hue of the Belle Rose Cap Classique is welcoming and even romantic. 
  • Created in the traditional French method of bottle fermentation or ‘Méthode Cap Classique’.
  • Enjoy a full nose of strawberries and cream, followed by a fresh acidity and red fruit on the palate. 
  • Enjoy on its own as an aperitif or with salmon and trout, as well as lighter dishes with vinaigrette-based sauces.
  • Varietal: Pinot Noir
  • Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Brut Cap Classique

  • At Haute Cabrière, the von Arnim family specialises in wines created from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varietals, this wine pays tribute to the versatility of both.
  • Created in the traditional French method of bottle fermentation or ‘Méthode Cap Classique’.
  • Enjoy delicate yeasty brioche aromas on the nose, complemented by fresh citrus flavours and crisp acidity.
  • A versatile wine complimenting a variety of dishes - pairings with lighter seafood dishes stand out.
  • Varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
  • Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Belle Nectar Cap Classique

  • The Belle Nectar takes all the delights of Pinot Noir and celebrates a sweeter palate.
  • This Cap Classique is the youngest member of the family and is certainly the trendsetter as far as Cap Classiques go.
  • Created in the traditional French method of bottle fermentation known as Cap Classique in South Africa. 
  • Enjoy strawberries and rose petals on the nose, with a sweet palate. 
  • The perfect apéritif and pairs well with dark chocolate and orange desserts. 
  • Alcohol by Volume: 12%
Product Specifications
  • Region: Franschhoek

For more information visit Haute Cabrière

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