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Sugarbird6x 40ml Festive Gin Crackers


Retail: R220
Not for persons under the age of 18

This Festive season experience the magic of Sugarbird Craft gin in 6 delightful mini gin crackers! The Sugarbird spirit range embodies the essence of the Cape Floral Kingdom in every sip, and the impressive gin range now offers 6 unique flavours. Discover the signature gin range Original Fynbos, Pino & Pelargonium, Juniper Unfiltered, and Honeybush & Moringa, as well as two limited edition varietals, Protea & cucumber and the most recent Festive release, Wild Holly & Cape Plum.

Product Features

Sugarbird Original Fynbos

  • Inspired by the Cape Sugarbird as it flits from flower to flower, Sugarbird Original Fynbos gin is floral-driven, with top notes of hibiscus, rose geranium and hints of Buchu. 
  • Undertones of citrus peel, Cape Fynbos and Juniper create a perfectly rounded Gin.
  • Serve: Citrus notes can be enhanced with a citrus garnish, such as fresh citrus wedges, peels or dried citrus rounds. Or simply add a fresh twig of Rosemary, and charge with a lite Indian tonic

Sugarbird Pino & Pelargonium

  • This showstopper celebrates South Africa’s most famous botanicals.
  • Pinotage and Pelargonium (Rose Lemon and African Geranium) add a pink blush and a uniquely South African flavour to this floral-driven gin. 
  • The natural sweetness is perfectly balanced by citrus and juniper undertones.
  • Serve: A lite Indian tonic to bring out the floral notes or a lite Pink to accentuate colour without conflicting with flavour. Garnish with grapefruit & rosemary or with freshly sliced strawberries or mixed berries for a rosy pink delight!

Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered

  • An unfiltered gin inspired by the vibrant natural colour released by Cape Chamomile and Juniper berries. 
  • Offering you the classic London dry drinking experience while still honouring our floral fynbos roots. 
  • We've taken gin back to its roots, with Africa’s first unfiltered gin, celebrating the vibrant purple of ripe female Juniper cones.
  • Serve: A lite tonic and berry garnish. Pomegranate rubies and freshly squeezed lime. For a burst of sweetness try a small teaspoon of gooseberry jam.

Sugarbird Honeybush and Moringa

  • Our floral-driven gin is infused with sweet, wild Cape Honeybush, adding warm toffee notes and rooibos for subtle aromatic spiciness. 
  • The natural sweetness is delicately balanced by moringa with its own tart, herbaceous characteristics. An amber sun-filled kiss.
  • Serve: A lite tonic and garnish with a curl of citrus and a sprig of fresh Rosemary

Sugarbird Protea and Cucumber

  • The genus Protea is the most well-known and charismatic of the Cape Floral Kingdom’s Fynbos biome. 
  • We've paired the traditional freshness of cucumber with the hard-fought, subtle notes from South Africa's national flower, the King Protea, (Cynaroides) to create a subtle, fresh and distinctly local gin flavour.
  • Serve: A lite Indian tonic, Basil, Mint and a fresh Cucumber swirl

Sugarbird Cape Holly and Wild Plum

  • The Cape is famous for Fynbos, though perhaps less so for trees. 
  • However, one of the co-founders of Sugarbird, a scientist, holds a long lasting and deep passion for both Fynbos and trees and so we felt it high time we created a gin that celebrates the fruits from two of the Cape’s trees in a special Christmas edition. 
  • The combination brings you a surprising tartness that cuts through the natural warm fruity, berry sweetness, offset against the fresh piney notes of the underlying gin hero, Juniper.
  • Serve: A lite Indian tonic, a squeeze of lime and a cinnamon bark swizzle stick.
Product Specifications
  • Volume: 6x 40ml bottles
  • Alcohol by volume: 43%
  • Origin: South Africa
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