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Fennel & Orange Honey Tea - Bundle Contents
Fennel & Orange Honey Tea - Bundle Contents

Musanya Honey Co.3x 325g Honey Superfood Teas


Retail: R270

Harvested deep in the sub-tropical forests known as the Miombo Woodlands in Zambia, our honey comes from hives situated far from modern cities or large-scale agriculture.  There is no pollution here, no pesticides or any other effluent from industrial economies.  Our hives are tended by small-scale African beekeepers who are finding meaningful employment through the agri-business of bees,  While the land-harvested honey brings a reliable income to far-flung rural people, the bees are creating value in the environment.  In so doing the little worker bees are preserving indigenous trees, the building block of habitat for creatures great and small.

Fennel & Orange Honey Tea:

Enjoy the intestnse flavour burst of fennel & citrus in a refreshing hot drink made with forest honey sustainably sourced from our small-scale African beekeepers.  Bring the liquorice hint of fennel and a robust citrus aroma to a comforting hot beverage.  Simply add hot water and stir.  You can also drizzle liberally in your morning smoothie for a flavour burst redolent of exotic climes.

Rooibos & Cinnamon Tea:

Exotic cinnamon and the digestive miracle of rooibos come together in a sustainably sourced, enzymatic honey. Anti-oxidant, gut-healthy goodness in your daily dose of honey. Stir a tablespoon of this superfood treat into a cup of boiling water for a comforting hot drink, or drizzle liberally into your morning smoothie. Feel the immediate benefits of nature's healing power with phyto-nutrients and digestive enzymes in our pure African honey tea. 

Turmeric & Ginger Tea:

The aromatic spiced mystique of turmeric and ginger in a sustainably sourced, enzymatic honey. Bring the robust anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory goodness of curcumin to your daily dose of superfood honey. Add to boiling water for a delicious, comforting hot drink or drizzle liberally in your morning smoothie to feel the immediate benefits of nature's healing power. Packed with phyto-nutrients and rich in digestive enzymes, honey is a vital health gateway. 

Product Features
  • Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight
  • Ingredients will naturally separate from honey (This does not affect the quality of the product)
  • Mix well before use
  • Shelf-life: 2 Years
Product Specifications
  • Pack of 3 (325g each)
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