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Dark Roast Lungo - Bundle Contents
Dark Roast Lungo - Bundle Contents

FCC3x 20's Nespresso Compatible Capsules

60 Total
60 Total


Retail: R300

Dark Roast Lungo

Dark roast lungo coffee capsules offer a bold and robust coffee experience in a convenient, pre-measured format. The capsules contain finely-ground, dark-roasted coffee beans, delivering a rich and intense flavor profile with deep, complex notes. The extended brewing time of the lungo process enhances the extraction of bold aromas and full-bodied taste, providing a satisfying and powerful cup of coffee. Ideal for those who prefer a stronger and more intense coffee experience, dark roast lungo capsules offer the convenience of quick and consistent brewing in compatible coffee machines.

Hazelnut Espresso

Hazelnut coffee capsules provide a delightful twist to your daily brew. These convenient, pre-measured capsules contain a blend of finely-ground coffee infused with the sweet and nutty flavor of hazelnuts. The result is a harmonious combination of rich coffee and the warm, toasty notes of hazelnut. Perfect for those seeking a flavored coffee experience, hazelnut coffee capsules offer a convenient and consistent way to enjoy a touch of sweetness and nuttiness in every cup. Compatible with various coffee machines, they provide an effortless way to savor this delectable flavor profile without the need for additional ingredients or preparation.

Guatemalan Espresso

Guatemalan coffee capsules encapsulate the distinct flavors of the renowned coffee beans from Guatemala. The capsules contain finely-ground coffee sourced from Guatemala's high-altitude regions, where the beans are known for their bright acidity, full body, and nuanced flavor profile. Expect a cup that balances floral and fruity notes with a subtle chocolate undertone. These capsules offer a convenient and consistent way to enjoy the unique characteristics of Guatemalan coffee, providing a rich and flavorful experience that captures the essence of this Central American coffee origin. Compatible with various coffee machines, they bring the taste of Guatemala directly to your cup with minimal effort.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate capsules are a convenient and delicious way to enjoy a comforting cup of cocoa. Each capsule contains a precise blend of high-quality cocoa powder and sweeteners, offering a rich and velvety chocolate flavor. Compatible with specific hot beverage machines, these capsules simplify the preparation process, ensuring a consistently smooth and indulgent hot chocolate experience. With the press of a button, you can enjoy a comforting, warm drink with a perfect balance of sweetness and cocoa richness, making hot chocolate capsules a convenient choice for those seeking a quick and delightful treat.

Caramel Espresso

Caramel coffee capsules bring the luscious sweetness of caramel to your coffee experience. Each capsule contains finely-ground coffee beans infused with the rich, buttery flavor of caramel, creating a delightful and indulgent cup. Compatible with specific coffee machines, these capsules offer a convenient way to enjoy the perfect balance of smooth coffee and sweet caramel notes. Ideal for those who crave a touch of sweetness in their coffee, caramel coffee capsules provide a hassle-free brewing solution, allowing you to savor a delicious and comforting treat with every cup.

Product Features
  • Convenient coffee making
  • Coffee beans are finely grounded
  • Hot Chocolate contains high-quality cocoa powder
  • Expiry date: 11/11/2024
Product Specifications 
  • Pack of 3 (20 capsules each)
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