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Cactus Jack2x 750ml Original Tequila Sours

R149.50 Each
R149.50 Each


Retail: R360
Not for persons under the age of 18.

Cactus Jack unites the flavour tasters and Tequila drinkers with a totally original taste sensation in Flavoured Tequila. The tequila used is from our distillery in Jalisco Mexico, in a little town called Tequila known for its finest source of the Webber blue Agave.

Cactus Jack depicts a rebellious attitude; its products intend to denounce authority and to salvage freedom from those who try to suppress it. It pushes the ideology of living young, wild and free. In line with this, stands our highly strategic and engaging activation plans. This, accompanied by an array of tasting sessions throughout international metropolitan cities, will entrench Cactus Jack as a household brand for years to come.

Product Features
  • Premium distilled agave
  • Combines the traditional flavour of tequila with a tangy and refreshing taste of sour mix
  • Light golden colour reflecting tequila base
Product Specifications 
  • Volume: 2 x 750ml bottles
  • Alcohol by Volume: 12%
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