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Biltong Craft SA2kg Slow-Cured Beef Biltong


Retail: R1,000

Biltong Craft SA offers a wide variety of great-tasting products to meet any client’s expectations, needs or desires. Spiced thoroughly and using the traditional slow-curing method for all our products differentiate our product from other biltong suppliers. Biltong Craft SA has a variety of unique products that biltong lovers will not find at any other biltong retail shop. Biltong Craft SA truly believes that they are the future of tradition, simply because of the products we have to offer, the quality of these products, and our way of distribution into the market.

Spiced and prepared for 2 days in a special recipe before being hung for 5-6 days to form the perfect biltong taste. We only use wind speed to perfect the taste and no heat is added in the curing process. Slow-cured beef biltong loses 50% of its weight during the curing process. 

Product Features
  • Fatty
  • Slow-Cured
  • Amazing flavour
  • Dried to perfection
  • Vacuum packed
Product Specifications
  • 2kg pack
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