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Gin & Tonic
Gin & Tonic

Ginologist24x 275ml Spirit Coolers

R14.96 Each
R14.96 Each


Not for persons under the age of 18
Please note:
  • We are unable to source this product for a price that would allow us to offer our usual savings so we are running it at a comparative retail price.

Handcrafted small-batch gin using the finest exotic botanicals mixed to surprise and delight the most ardent gin fans!

Product Features

Gin & Tonic

  • Complex in flavour to offer an effortless drinking experience, our premixed gin and tonic is the mark of sophistication and simplicity. 
  • This two-ingredient highball cocktail is a combination of award-winning Ginologist Citrus Gin and top-quality tonic water.

Gin & Dry Lemon

  • What do you get when you combine the superior smoothness of Ginologist’s award-winning Spice Gin with the finest dry lemon on the market? A contemporary twist on a classic cocktail!
  • Perfectly premixed by our master distillers, only the finest ingredients were used to brew this botanical blend. This drink is ideal for anyone hosting a chillas with gin enthusiasts.

Pina Colada

  • Let’s set the scene: crystal-clear waters, sunny skies, and the feeling of beach sand between your toes. 
  • Transport your senses with the exotic taste of Ginologist’s Piña Colada Summer Cup, a blend of rum, pineapple and coconut. 
  • It’s the perfect drink for getting into that summer state of mind.

Strawberry Summer Cup

  • On the days when the vibe of a backyard braai or a quiet chillas can’t be put off, grab a glass or can of Ginologist’s Strawberry Summer Cup.
  • Made with real strawberries and our signature Summer Cup Gin Liqueur, one sip is enough to let you know why it’s trending on everyone’s tastebuds.
Product Specifications
  • Alcohol by volume: 5%
  • Product of South Africa
  • Volume: 24x 275ml bottles
  • Options:
    • 24x Gin & Tonic
    • 24x Gin & Dry Lemon
    • 24x Pina Colada
    • 24x Strawbery Summer Cup
    • 6 of each
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