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TechDex2400mA USB/Type-C Universal Travel Adapter


Retail: R400

Stay connected and powered up on the go with our Universal Travel Adapter. With features like surge protection, safety shutters, and a power indicator light, it's designed to keep your devices safe while providing reliable charging. Pack light and travel smart with our all-in-one adapter, ensuring you're always ready for your next adventure.

Product Specifications
  • USB Output: Yes
  • Type-C Output: Yes
  • Output Current: 2400mA (max)
  • Voltage Compatibility: MAX. +Vdc
  • Compatibility: More than 150 countries
  • Adaptability: Yes
  • Surge Protection: Yes
  • Safety Shutter: Yes
  • Power Indicator Light: Yes
  • Voltage Rating: 125V 6A, 250V 6A
  • Includes: Travel pouch
  • 6-month warranty
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