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Platinum Fantastic Results - Motor Cleaning Set


Retail: R540

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And now WITH NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! After two years of development, we proudly present Homemax Platinum Fantastic Results, It has never been easier to make your car or motorcycle shine. The cleaning effect is even higher, the sealing effect even more intense and the protective effect for the lacquer even more durable! In short: cleaning, polishing, protecting - WITHOUT water in one operation.

Paint, rims, windows, headlights and bumpers are optimally protected against rain, ice-cold snow, extreme Sahara heat in absolute record time.
And not only that:

Homemax Platinum Fantastic Results protects the varnish over months of dangerous sunlight and oxidation, which make it look matt and dull after only a short time without Homemax Platinum Fantastic Results. Even corrosive bird droppings and the most stubborn pollution caused by insects have no chance! Also, your car seats will thank you, stubborn stains belong to the past and not only that: the colours shine in the old glamour again.

Product Features
  • 1x Platinum Fantastic Care - 500 ml
  • 1x Platinum Fantastic Clean - 100 ml
  • 1x Platinum Fantastic Protect - 100 ml
  • 1x Microfiber cloth
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