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14 Aug 2019


Peacock Merlot 2019 (R63.17 per bottle, 6 bottles)

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Helderberg 2016 Merlot
Why do some people leave the microwave on 0:01?

And then just walk away like they haven't committed the biggest atrocity any kitchen has ever seen. They probably also make tea in the order: milk, hot water, sugar and then the tea bag.

It creates the perfect precipice of frustration: keep it bottled in and it'll eat away at you, but if you say something you're the overreacting party-pooper who sucks the fun out of everything.

We realise this might seem a little abstract (for context, somebody did this exact thing at the OneDayOnly headquarters at around 4 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon and it's been bugging us since) but it must be addressed on a grand scale so these perpetrators can understand the extent of their heinous crime.

Anyhoo, here are a truckload of great deals and if that doesn't immediately make you forget about all of your problems in the world, you clearly handle stress differently to us.


The vineyards producing the Peacock Wild Ferment Merlot are grown on the slopes of the Helderberg. They are planted at a height of 100 to 290 meters above sea level, which ensure a more moderate temperature in the vineyards. To the south, they overlook the full expanse of False Bay and the Southern Atlantic shoreline – a mere 6 kilometres away on average. The soils are of sandstone origin with medium-sized stones, helping with both drainage and good moisture retention. The vines are 12-17 years old. Strong south-easterly winds during the growing season help to control growth and crop size thus improving the quality of the grapes.


A gentle hand

The Merlot vineyards were harvested according to taste in mid-February, with the grapes showing fresh fruit flavours and an uplifting acidity. Bunches were de-stemmed and fermented in our wooden fermenters. During the course of fermentation, gentle punch-downs were performed twice a day. The wine spent 30 days on the skins after fermentation to help integrate the tannins and stabilize colour. Our wines are carefully fed via gravity into the tanks and we make use of a basket press to gently extract the last bit of aromatics from the berries. All the components are then combined and undergo natural malolactic fermentation in the barrels. The Peacock Wild Ferment Merlot was aged primarily in 3rd and 4th fill French barrels for 9 months, to soften the tannins, whilst still preserving the fresh fruit aromatics. We don’t fine our wines and only use a gentle filtration


Tasting notes

Cassis, plums and perfume, with subtle notes of pencil shavings and green herbs on the nose. A refreshing acidity on the palate makes this wine intriguing. It is perfect on its own or with a meal as it has integrated tannins and a lingering length. There are a variety of dishes that this wine could be paired with but I would recommend serving it slightly chilled with a charcuterie platter.


The numbers
  • Alc 14.5 
  • RS 2.4 
  • TA 5 
  • pH 3.5
“Service was awesome” Shabudeen, Durban