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26 Feb 2019

Gimmicks & Gizmos

On/Off Lamp Switch

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Light up your life with the flick of a switch!

Our Gimmicks & Gizmos ON-OFF light is a fun and creative way to turn on the lights. It is designed with a gravity sensor to turn on or off based on the way it tilts but will firmly stay put with its anti-skid rubber foot. The warm, soft lighting is comfortable to the eye, it’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to take it on the go. Best of all, the battery is rechargeable, allowing endless uses!

This is a super fun novelty lamp that operates just like a real switch, if you press down on the light where it says “ON”, the light will turn on, and if you press down on the lamp where it says “OFF”, it'll turn off.

On the back of the night light is a switch with 3 settings: high, low, off.

The light is very easy on the eyes, it can also be carried and taken wherever you need it. On low, it should be enough to help a child who is scared of the dark. On high it is much brighter. you can safely walk around and see everything around you.

Product Features
  • Easy to Operate. Can’t get any easier. You turn it on and off by leaning it one way or the other which is really fun. The lamp itself rocks back and forth to turn on and off. There is also a switch in the back that allows you to have a bright light, a dimmer light or turn it off completely.
  • Cute and Portable. It is easy to carry around so you could take it with you on trips to use as a night light.
  • Soft Light for Eye Care. It doesn’t put out a lot of light. The light is soft enough to allow you to enjoy it without having it be super bright in a bedroom. It produces a nice dim warm glow of light. This makes it perfect for you to use in the bedroom on the nightstand. It provides just enough light for you to see what you need and is not so bright as to be a disturbance when you are trying to rest.
  • Easy to Charge through USB. It charges via USB (cable included with the light) easily so you don't have to find a plug.
  • Brightness adjustment: 2
  • 450mAh Lithium polymer battery inside
  • Input: DC5V=500mA
  • 12 LED inside
  • Size: 190x62x96mm
  • Weight: 200g
“A big BIG thank you! Keep up the good work!!! You guys ROCK!!!!” Rolanda, Joburg