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25 Sep 2020


Mini Bike Pump

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Mini Bike Pump Fits in Pocket USB charged Push on nozzle

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Designed specifically for cyclists, Fumpa Pumps are a breeze to use thanks to the super light weight design. Not only is it very light, but it is also an absolute unite when it comes to pumping your tires… it will have your flat wheel pumped in under 45 seconds! No more hassle with traditional bicycle hand pumps, simply connect your Fumpa and within a minute or two you will be ready for the ride of your life.  Fumpa is the perfect pump solution road cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers, BMX and casual riders.

Product Features
  • Fits in your jersey pocket
  • USB rechargeable
  • Contains a patented compressor design, which compresses surrounding air at remarkable speeds to fill your tyres.
  • Utilises brushless motor technology to provide incredible power to the compressor.
  • Relies on a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which is easily charged using the supplied micro-USB cable.
  • Incorporates a patented casing design, which provides strength, reduces vibration and thermally stabilises the internal compressor.
  • Intuitive push-button start.
Product Specifications
  • Size: 32x56x68mm
  • Weight: 190 gram
  • Inflates 2 tyres on a single charge
  • Accepts Presta valves only
  • 120psi max pressure
  • 0-100psi: 40-50 seconds (700x23c tyre)
“The best service ever!!! Thank you. I will keep supporting you.” Debbie, Pietermaritzburg