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08 Nov 2019


Manifest 1L Oak Aged Premium Jagermeister

Alcohol not for sale to individuals under the age of 18

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Jagermeister Manifest Oak aged Small batch 5 Macerates Notes of Oak and Orange Citrus Matured for 15 months Premium Luxurious
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Coming up with a write up for the simple sake of a write up does, however, become difficult when we're staring complete lack of creativity right in the face. But apparently asking management to cancel all the deals for the day isn't a viable fix.

As they so delicately put it, it'd be like a comedian having the option to suddenly cancel a show if they're not feeling up to it. Not on our watch, they said. You'll do a write up whether you like it or not, they said. And be funny, they said.

So here we are, doing a write up and being funny.


Presenting an elixir of distinction from our Master Distiller: Jagermeister Manifest.

The Manifest liquid has very close ties with Jagermeister original, sharing the same base. However, the creation of Manifest involves a more complex process and a very specific ageing approach which takes significantly longer. Senses and flavours are sharpened through barrel ageing in toasted oak casks, giving a special matured taste. It's this combination of time and herbal liqueur expertise that helps make Manifest a unique, super premium product.

The wheat distillate matures in small oak casks for 15 months before macerating 5 times in more than 56 herbs and spices, at 250 times higher botanical load than Jagermeister original. Blending of this wheat distillate from different oak barrels takes 14 days with the final composition of Manifest taking 3 further days. The final stage involves filling and the hand applying the bottle decor.

Jagermeister Manifest is 38% abv, presented to you in a 1 Litre bottle and best consumed as a chilled shot at 6-8C or even as a classic cocktail, like a Negroni.

Manifest Greatness.

Product Features
  • Small Batch
  • Oak Aged
  • 5 Macerates
  • Notes of Oak and Orange Citrus
  • Matured for 15 months
  • Premium Jagermeister
  • Elixir of distinction
  • Amazing gift
  • Toasted oak casks
Product Specifications
  • Size: 1L
  • ABV: 38%
“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating