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11 Jan 2019


Liquid UV Laser Welder Starter Kit with LED Light

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Not glue Cure with UV light Cures in a few seconds Can be painted Can be cured underwater

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If you are thinking that Bondic® is just another glue product...STOP. Bondic® is not glue and does not work like glue.

Glue already exists. We do not want to replace it. We just want to do what glue can’t do and work where glue fails! You have to think of Bondic® as something that creates new material, kind of like a freestyle 3D printer that fits in your pocket!

It, of course, has a bonding agent in it but – and this is important - if the UV light can’t reach the liquid, it can’t cure it. At the same time, you can’t do this in direct sunlight either because the sun carries the whole spectrum of light including the one needed to cure Bondic®

Product Details
  • Cures in just a few seconds
  • Can be cured while underwater
  • Can be painted after cured
  • Bondic® never dries out in the tube and will ONLY turn into plastic once exposed to the UV light
  • Once cured, Bondic® can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 150°C
More Information

Can Bondic® be handled by children?

  • There is no risk of skin sticking uncontrollably and dangerously. Even so, we recommend you only let children over 12-13 years handle Bondic®.

Can Bondic® harden in places with no light?

  • No, Bondic® can only harden when exposed to light of a specific wavelength. If bonding two parts together where the LED light cannot reach, one of the two bonded parts has to be translucent in order for the light to reach through to the Bondic® formula.

Can I seal containers with Bondic™ (cracks, fissures)?

  • Yes, Bondic® is suitable for sealing all kinds of materials. You have to work in layers and make sure that the first layer goes inside the crack or hole to get a perfect lining. More layers will secure the site and lead to sustainable repair.

Can I modify Bondic® constructions by adding more material (Bondic®) to them later?

  • Yes, applying a fresh coat of Bondic® on an already hardened coat of Bondic® does not pose a problem. Go ahead and use as much as you want, whenever you want.

Can I process Bondic® after it hardens (milling, polishing, varnishing)?

  • Yes, Bondic® can be worked on subsequently using all conventional methods. You can give the Bondic® surface any desired structure and carry on with a priming coat followed by perfect varnishing or paintwork.
“You guys did BRiLliantly!!!” Hawa, Joburg