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Johnnie Walker Island green
Blended malt
Scotch whisky
Smokey whisky
Islay designed
Single malt drinkers
Fruity coffee
Subtle caramel hints
Grilled apricots
Burnt oak and raisin finish

Johnnie Walker

Island Green 1L Blended Scotch Whisky


Retail: R1,300

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*Please note alcohol cannot be sold to individuals under the age of 18

Originally released for the Travel Retail Market, Johnnie Walker's Island Green blended malt is a variation on their popular (and recently relaunched) Green Label, made with a hearty helping of smoky Islay whisky at its core. Also, the name reminds us of Weezer's song 'Island in the Sun' from their Green album.

Product Features
  • Johnnie Walker Island Green 
  • Blended malt 
  • Scotch whisky 
  • Smokey whisky 
  • Islay designed 
  • Single malt drinkers 
  • Fruity coffee
  • Subtle caramel hints 
  • Grilled apricots 
  • Burnt oak and raisin finish
Tasting Notes
  • Nose: Fruity coffee with a whiff of earthy smoke. Subtle caramel hints later on.
  • Palate: Grilled apricot and date, drying spices, milk chocolate.
  • Finish: Burnt oak, raisins and red apples.
Product Specifications
  • 1L Bottle
  • 43% ABV
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