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09 Jan 2019


Easy to Use Hang and Level Tool

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Easy-to-Use Built-in level Quick Accurate Hang your pictures in no time!
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The HomeMax Hang and Level makes the process of hanging up pictures and mirrors in your home super simple.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a room and seeing rows of photos perfectly aligned on the wall, and sometimes it takes a certain amount of time to get the measurements just right. This time spent on hanging pictures on the wall could have been spent on something more meaningful such as your family, or hobby. With the Hang & Level, you can do just that

The Hang and Level encompass the following:

  • Picture wire
  • Sawtooth hook
  • D-Ring
  • Keyhole
Product Features:
  • Hang Your Pictures In No Time!
  • Built-in levels to make sure pictures are straight
  • Ideal for hanging not just picture frames but also mirrors, clocks, and canvas
  • You can use it on all wall materials
  • Thanks to the multi-functionality of the Hang and Level there are only a few simple steps that you need to follow to get the best results when hanging up your pictures.

How to use the Hang and Level:

  • Place the picture on the hooks.
  • Position, make sure you find the right spot on the wall.
  • Press the button just below your hook so that a metal pin can mark the wall where the nail must go.
  • Hammer the nail directly onto the pin mark.
  • Hang up your picture!
“Love the site, the deals; the concept. Keep it up!” Kenneth, Cape Town