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12 Jul 2019


Case of 24 Mitchell's Forester's Lager (R8.29 per beer)

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18

Retail: R600


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Easy Drinking Refreshing Loads of flavour
A short story set 30 seconds in the future

You've just bought this beer. And as a result, your weekend has OFFICIALLY started.

Every minute from now until the end of the day will feel that little bit shorter.

For reasons out of your control but to your complete advantage, the 3 hour afternoon meeting about company-wide policy revisions has been postponed to Tuesday. When you're on leave.

Followed by the delightful realisation that because your afternoon is free, so are you.

Implausible? Sure. Impossible? No.

*Not for sale to persons under the age of 18

Expiry Date: 07 November 2019


To satisfy the taste buds of the original Knysna lumberjacks working in the nearby timber forests we named the very first Mitchell's beer Forester's Lager. Using only locally sourced hops from our neighbouring town and 2-row barley, we've carefully layered this lightly hopped brew at subzero temperatures and patiently left it to mature, creating an exceptionally crisp, clean, easy to drink beer. 

This delicious thirst-quencher has a dry finish and type of refreshment that, after a long day's work, have you ordering another

Product Features
  • Clear, golden colour
  • A light head that dissipates quickly
  • Slightly sweet, with a light aroma from the light hopping
  • Alcohol by volume: 3.6%
  • Volume per bottle: 330ml

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