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08 Jul 2020


Bottle Grip Twister Corkscrew

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Twister Corkscrew Easy to Use Great Quality Wine Essentials Popping Bottles!

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The specially designed frame of the Corkscrew Twister consists of an unique “Bottle Grip”, which allows an excellent grip on standard and flanged wine bottles. Place the corkscrew on the bottle and twist the spiral until the cork is extracted. This corkscrew is easy to operate and requires very little strength.

Any tool that makes opening that prized bottle of wine easier, has to be good, but this one takes things a step further. Using a uniquely designed bottle grip, it grasps the bottle neck quite tightly, making removing even tough corks much easier. Just twist the top until the corkscrew removes the cork. Bingo.

Product Features
  • Easy and light operation
  • Ideal bottle grip
  • Removes wine bottle corks quickly and easily
  • Unique design grips firmly onto the neck of the bottle, helping to remove even stiff corks with ease
Product Specifications
  • Patented “Bottle Grip”
  • Simple to use
  • Twist the spiral until the cork is extracte
  • Fits all wine bottles
  • Size: 9 x 22 x 5.6cm
“You rock!” Kelly, Cape Town