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18 Jan 2020


UNO R3 Starter Kit - Ultimate Electronic Gadget KIT

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If you’re interested in Arduino, but feel a bit overwhelmed at the plethora of different options on the market, then pre-compiled Arduino Kits may just be the ideal solution. These kits have each been carefully packaged with a specific set of parts, modules, cables and other gadgets that can all be used to build a variety of exciting projects.

The Arduino UNO R3 Beginner Kit is the ideal starting point for anyone who is eager to learn about, experiment with or simply enjoy electronics and Arduino.

Product Features

- The cheapest and most basic Arduino kit for beginners
- With the newest UNO R3 development board + USB Cable with all the basic components.

Product Specifications

- 100% compatible with Arduino UNO R3, MEGA 2560 R3, NANO, Arduino kit UNO R3 Board + USB Cable 1
- Mini Breadboard shield + mini breadboard 1
- 830 points Breadboard/SMD components board (1 pieces/each) 1
- Infrared receiver/LM35 Temperature sensor (1 pieces/each) 2
- Resistance 220R, 1K, 10K (5 pieces/each) 15
- Male to male jumper wire 30
- 9V battery clip (Battery not included) 1
- IR mini remote control/1602 LCD module (1 piece/each) 2
- Switch/ ULN2003 driver board (1 piece/each) 2
- 9G Servo/8 x 8 DOT Matrix (1 piece/each) 2
- "Potentiometer/Flame sensor (1 piece/each)" 2
- 5V stepper motor/74HC595 (1 piece/each) 2
- Photoresistor 3
- LED red yellow green ( 5 pieces/each) 15

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