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30 year aged
Produces and bottled in Scotland
Rich and complex
Vanilla notes
Full bodied

Royal Castle

30 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky


Retail: R1,300
Alcohol cannot be sold to individuals younger than 18

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*Please note alcohol cannot be sold to individuals younger than 18

Years of experience in the art of whisky distillation and maturation have been invested into the Royal Castle 30-year-old. Bottled from hand-selected aged oak casks by one of the best Malt Masters this exceptionally beautiful rich and complex blended Whisky embodies the characteristics of the Speyside Whisky region of Scotland from where it lain undisturbed for 30 years 

Product Features


  • Rich and complex nose with deep vanilla oakiness and delicate spice. The beautifully aged grain whisky blends perfectly with the vibrant fruity and floral notes in the single malts


  • A full-bodied blend with a velvety smooth mouthfeel, rich flavour with fruitcake, honey and delicate oak all enveloped in a vanilla sweetness. The finish is exceptionally long and sweet
Product Specifications
  • 30 year aged
  • 43% alcohol volume
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