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21 Day- Keto Low Budget - Carb High-Fibre High

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There are various forms of Keto (Low Carb <20g carb/day, Moderate <50g, Liberal <100g). Ours is a Moderate Keto Plan with up to 50g per day. From experience, we learn that moderation almost always beats extremism. We need to eat for nutrient density, oil is not nutrient dense and Keto is not a license to eat as much meat protein as you want either. Keto diets keep evolving and a moderate, enjoyable, nutrient diverse and dense lifestyle is almost always better. We've seen phenomenal results with real FitChef food positively affecting health, weight management, focus and energy.

Go moderate keto for the long term!

Product Features
  • Ready-to-eat Meals
  • Nature’s whole-food ingredients
  • Eat Clean Lifestyle
  • Delivered to your work or home 
  • Meal Plan Included
  • New Recipes 
  • Excellent quality
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Man-made Chemicals
  • No Preservatives
  • No Colourants
  • No Additives
Package Includes
  • 45 meals

Meals - (45)

  • 2 x Boerewors Breedie with Sweet Potato Mash & Green Beans
  • 4 x Homestyle Cautage Pie with Carrots & Peas
  • 1 x Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir-Fry with Brown Basmati Rice
  • 2 x Hake Napolitana with stir-fry veg
  • 3 x Fillet Steak with roast potatoes and stir-fried veg
  • 3 x Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger with Stir Fry Vegetable
  • 2 x Ostrich Potjie with Mixed Vegetables
  • 4 x Beef Goulash with Pumpkin & Spinach
  • 3 x Bacon & Beef Burger with Stir Fry Vegetables
  • 1 x Chicken Tikka with Roasted Vegetables & Butternut (Contains Cream)
  • 2 x Bacon Wrapped Boerewors
  • 4 x Chargrilled Lemon Chicken
  • 2 x Chicken Hotpot with Quinoa and Mixed Vegetables
  • 9 x Chicken Breast 100g
  • 2 x Farmstyle Bobotie with Carrots, Peas and Yellow Rice

Veggie Meals - (1)

  • 1 x Vegetarian - Chickpea Potjie with Mixed Vegetables

What makes this package unique?

  • This is a Moderate Keto - Low Carb package (<50g quality natural carbs/day)
  • Amazing range and flavours
  • 21-day Budget package is filled with all the goodness and nutrition that you would expect from whole food.
  • 45 meals
  • 6 days/week = Meals - add Coconut Oil or Olive Oil based on your personal requirements
  • 1 free eating day, usually a Sunday
  • 2 meals/day + 9 protein chicken snackers
  • Clear 3 shelves in your freezer
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