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21 Day Challenge - Best Results

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21 day challenge FitChef Easy access to good, healthy food Lifestyle change Delicious meals Excellent quality Wholesale meals Smoothies included
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So here we are, doing a write up and being funny.


FitChef supplies ALL YOU NEED = Food + Smoothies + Meal Plan + Delivery

If it’s your first time on FitChef or if you need a change NOW then the 21 Day Challenge is for you. It contains 54 amazing meals and 36 smoothies. You will need at least three empty shelves in your freezer for the 21 Day Challenge as all your meals and smoothies are packaged in a single delivery. Our challenges only cover meals from Monday to Saturday as Sunday is your cheat day. We don’t believe in living on lettuce leaves and celery sticks. We love a sweet treat too, just not with all the bad stuff in it. Go on, indulge a little!

The food and smoothies are high in natural fibre. We aim for low/lower carb meals, but we believe the focus should be on quality carbs (from veggies). We use old fashion cooking techniques to slowly thicken sauces, using ingredients you recognise, we aim to use wholefood as close to natures state as possible. Change your body and your life today!

No one is as obsessed with REAL whole food ingredients as we are. No man-made chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial or added sugars, no highly refined ingredient, no gluten (*except wholewheat pasta meals). Quality inland unpolluted salt, free-range meats and ingredients you can trust to be as close to nature as we can find them.

Product Features
  • Ready-to-eat Meals
  • Ready-to-drink Smoothies
  • Nature’s whole-food ingredients
  • Eat Clean Lifestyle
  • Delivered to your work or home 
  • Meal Plan Included
  • New Recipes 
  • Excellent quality
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Man-made Chemicals
  • No Preservatives
  • No Colourants
  • No Additives
Package Includes
  • 54 meals
  • 36 drinks
  • 4 snacks

Meals - (52)

  • 2 x Farm Style Bobotie with Carrots & Peas (contains egg)
  • 2 x Boerewors Breedie with Sweet Potato Mash & Green Beans
  • 1 x Vegetarian - Chickpea Potjie with Mixed Vegetables
  • 2 x Vegetarian - Lentil Tomato Breedie & Sweet Potato Mash
  • 1 x Vegetarian - Red Kidney Bean Goulash with Pumpkin & Spinach
  • 3 x Homestyle Cautage Pie with Carrots & Peas
  • 2 x Mediterranean Chicken with Roast Vegetables & Quinoa
  • 1 x Vegetarian - Tikka Roasted Vegetables with Butternut (contains Cream)
  • 1 x Vegetarian - Spanish Red Kidney Bean With Quinoa
  • 2 x Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir-Fry with Brown Basmati Rice
  • 2 x Grandma Mince Curry with Brown Basmati Rice
  • 2 x Mediterranean Chicken with Roasted Vegetables & Brown Basmati Rice
  • 1 x Hake Napolitana with stir-fry veg
  • 1 x Fillet Steak with roast potatoes and stir-fried veg
  • 2 x Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger with Stir Fry Vegetable
  • 2 x Chicken Pesto with Wholewheat Penne Pasta
  • 2 x Beef Con Carne with Quinoa
  • 3 x Ostrich Potjie with Mixed Vegetables
  • 3 x Beef Goulash with Pumpkin & Spinach
  • 1 x Vegetarian - Pesto Vegetable Wholewheat Penne Pasta
  • 2 x Spanish Chicken and Quinoa
  • 2 x Bacon Wrapped Boerewors
  • 1 x Vegetarian - French Peas & Carrot Mash with Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 x Vegetarian - Sweet and Sour Vegetables Stir-Fry with Brown Basmati Rice
  • 3 x Luxury Swiss Muesli 100g
  • 4 x Vegetarian - Luxury Rolled Oats with Cranberries, Cashew, & Apple Cinnamon (contains Honey)
  • 3 x Chargrilled Lemon Chicken

Drinks - (36)

  • 20 x Fruity Green Smoothie (FGS) Spinach, Apple, Pear & Banana
  • 3 x Meal on the Go - 300ml
  • 2 x COBA - Carrot, Orange, Butternut & Apple
  • 2 x GAP - Grape, Apple, Beetroot, Banana & Pear
  • 3 x Whole Juice - Refresher (contains Honey)
  • 2 x CHERRY - Cherry, Apple, Pear Smoothie
  • 2 x PB3 - Peanut Butter Blueberry Banana
  • 2 x Fruit Salad Smoothie

Snacks - (4)

  • 2 x Chocolate Ice Cream - 125ml (contains egg+dairy)
  • 1 x FitChef Famous Beetroot Brownie (contains Butter & Eggs)
  • 1 x Biltong - Sliced Beef (grassfed) - 40g

Other - (1)

  • 1 x Vegetarian - Toasted Wheat Flakes 500g (5 servings)

Review: Philip du Preez- "Surprised by the flavourful food - each meal tasty. I was expecting dull, tasteless 'diet' meals, however, I am pleasantly surprised! On the 21 day challenge and two weeks down, I can already feel the difference. Even my sweet tooth is satisfied with the great smoothies and choc muffins! Quality, awesome meals with great taste and convenience."

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“You make online shopping a pleasure.” Caroline, Jeffreys Bay