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Hammer function


2-in-1 KOLOSS Reversible Heavy-duty Ratchet


Retail: R3,580

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The ratchet that can also be safely and officially used as a hammer. The KOLOSS is a reversible, heavy-duty ratchet that can be used with a load of at least 600 Newton meters. The dual ratchet teeth and the minimum return angle of only 6° ensure rapid and precise screw driving even in confined situations. And the best thing: absolutely no impact on the hammer faces, however hard, can destroy the ratchet mechanism. Multi-component Kraftform handle optimized to withstand pressure, impact and tensile loads; take-up for KOLOSS extension 8780 C and KOLOSS centring pin 8781 C at the end of the handle. Also included in the set: 1 pad to protect materials and surface areas, 1 Kloss extension for the transfer of even more torque, 1 unlocking pin and 1 holster – so the Kloss can always be at hand.

Product Features
  • For loads of at least 600 Newton-meters
  • A fine-pitched ratchet mechanism, small return angle of 6°
  • Multi-component Kraftform handle optimized to withstand pressure, impact and tensile loads
  • Including hammer function
  • Push-through square drive for right/left switchover
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