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09 Nov 2018


177 Piece Tool Cabinet on Wheels

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177 Piece Cabinet Heavy Duty Wheels
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Ours is at least 5 by 5, and on Wednesdays we're allowed to write in coffee shops to maintain the illusion that we're "successful" and "writerly".

Coming up with a write up for the simple sake of a write up does, however, become difficult when we're staring complete lack of creativity right in the face. But apparently asking management to cancel all the deals for the day isn't a viable fix.

As they so delicately put it, it'd be like a comedian having the option to suddenly cancel a show if they're not feeling up to it. Not on our watch, they said. You'll do a write up whether you like it or not, they said. And be funny, they said.

So here we are, doing a write up and being funny.


YATO branded tools adhere to “The best, cost-effective European tools” concept which results from: a vigorous European level of research and development, identification of consumer habits, meeting of basic consumers needs, ongoing development of new and more efficient and convenient products.

YATO branded products can be used in industries such as automotive, aviation, construction, engineering, oil & gas, metalworking, and woodworking.

The YATO Tools product range consists of spanners, sockets, accessories & sets, impact sockets, accessories & sets, torque wrench & torque multipliers, screwdrivers & screwdriver bits, electrician tools, hammers, chisels, punches, clamps & vices, cutting tools, hydraulic tools, fastening tools, construction tools, measuring tools, pneumatic tools, roller cabinets, special automotive tools & equipment and tool bags.

Please note: Lifetime Warranty on hand tools only. This excludes drill bit sets, punch sets, chisel sets, hex keys, needle file sets, and hole saw sets

  • 6 drawers on ball guides with a load capacity of up to 25 kg (3 drawers in the upper) and up to 35 kg (3 drawers in the bottom)
  • 12 replaceable YATO tool cartridges (modules)
  • 177 elements
  • Profiles made of double sheet steel
  • Non-slip polypropylene worktop
  • Central lock with 2 keys and individual closure for each drawer
  • Drawer locking systems
  • The workshop cabinet has corner bumpers that protect against accidental damage, such as a car body
  • Non-slip worktop
  • Rubber 125 mm wheels, including 2 with brake
  • Universal wall perforation
  • Double walls
  • Packaging: 1 piece. ½ pallet 77kg
  • Size: 76,6 x 46,5 x 95,8 cm
  • Lifetime warranty
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