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09 Nov 2018


Pet Cleaning Brush & Bath Buddy Dog Toy

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Wet & dry grooming Enjoy their fave snack while bathing Pain free
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Ours is at least 5 by 5, and on Wednesdays we're allowed to write in coffee shops to maintain the illusion that we're "successful" and "writerly".

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So here we are, doing a write up and being funny.


Bath Buddy

A textured silicone lick pad with a super strong suction cup on the back that would stick to almost any tub or shower surface. We were so pumped that we could just spread peanut butter on the front of Bath Buddy, stick it to the tub wall, then let our dogs enjoy their favorite snack while we gave them a bath! It was like they didn’t even know what was going on.

Pet Cleaning Brush

The Pet Zoom is tool guaranteed to give your pet professional-quality grooming. But best of all, the Pet Zoom is a pain-free and self-cleaning so you will not have to use those wire-brushes that tug your dogs hair and create a huge mess. Not to mention that unlike those brushes, the Pet Zoom is soft for ultra-comfort and it bristles easily to adjust for your pets individual grooming needs. In fact, the Pet Zoom is so comfortable that its patented design has won multiple awards!

The Pet Zoom can be used in both dogs and cats with all different types of hair. It works on short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair and more! When you use the Pet Zoom simply brush the hair like normal and then once finished all that unwanted hair on the brush removes easily with just one touch

Product Features 

Bath Buddy

  • Make bath time enjoyable for you and your dog with patent pending Bath Buddy
  • Does your dog hate bath time? If bathing your dog is a struggle, Bath Buddy can help. Thousands of pet owners consider Bath Buddy their go-to bath time aid
  • Simple to use: Just spread peanut butter onto Bath Buddy then stick Bath Buddy to your tub or shower wall. Your pup gets to enjoy a tasty snack while he or she gets a bath
  • Bath buddy has taken the pet world by storm. It's been featured on Kickstarter, USA Today, Yahoo and more!

Pet Cleaning Brush

  • One Touch Brush- Cleans itself
  • Attracts loose hair, dander, and dirt
  • Adjustable bristle length for long or short coats
  • Perfect for Wet and Dry grooming
  • Trimmer attachment for pamper size. This trimmer attachment will trim back your pet's hair.
  • Use it to remove knots, fur balls, gum or anything stuck in pet's hair
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches
“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating