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6 Books
Childhood classic
Hours of fun
Jigsaw puzzle included
Fantastic gift

Where's Wally?

WOW: Amazing Books & Jigsaw Puzzle Box Collection (6 Books)


Retail: R1,000

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Six classic Where's Wally? Books and a Jigsaw presented in a magnificent slipcase.

Product Features
  • Childhood classic
  • Hours of fun for the whole family
  • Packaged in a great durable slipcase
  • Where's Wally? Jigsaw puzzle
  • Hours of eye-boggling, puzzling fun!

Titles include:

  • Where's Wally?
  • Where's Wally Now?
  • Where's Wally? The Fantastic Journey
  • Where's Wally? In Hollywood
  • Where's Wally? The Wonder Book
  • Where's Wally? The Great Picture Hunt.


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Are we the real Wallys here?

For the past 33 years this man has sent adults and children alike on the wildest of goose chases.

The wasted hours spent looking for our pal Wally can never be returned, yet we still search.

This is the needle-in-a-haystack deal of the century: 6 books AND a puzzle.

Magnifying glasses sold separately.